Setting Two Hearts Free

Two months from today is the release of Setting Two Hearts Free, the third book in my Revolutionary War series. For those who haven’t read A Heart Set Free or A Heart For Freedom, this is a stand-alone story, though you’ll better understand the characters’ background by reading the first two books.

Setting Two Hearts Free picks up in 1781 five years after A Heart For Freedom ends and focuses on the younger generation. The war is winding down but the danger and challenges the characters face haven’t—and some will last long after leaving the battlefield.

Here’s the blurb from Setting Two Hearts Free:

Donald Duncan joined the Patriot cause for noble reasons, battling the British while enduring deprivation and hardship on every side. The war has changed him, and now the battle is internal. Returning home to Virginia is in sight where a new life and his Mary wait for him.

Mary Stewart spends the war years with her family at Stewarts’ Green, helping them operate their ordinary. Daily, she prays for Donald’s safe return, eagerly waiting for him … until that day the evil side of war touches her.

Two hearts changed by a war that dragged on for six years. Two hearts left hurting and struggling to find the love and trust they once knew. Is there a path for them to rekindle what was lost, Setting Two Hearts Free?

A Heart Set Free was a Selah Award winner. A Heart For Freedom was a Christian Indie Award winner.

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Meet Talia Sampson in Kathy Rouser’s latest book Flying Into Love

Janet: Hi, Talia. I understand you moved into that lovely Victorian mansion about a year ago.  What brought you to Maple Grove, Michigan?

Talia: When I was growing up, I used to spend much of each summer visiting my Aunt Violet and became very close to her. She became seriously ill almost a year ago. Since she doesn’t have any children of her own and my sister, Ashley, travels so much for work, it was natural that I would come and help take care of Aunt Vi. I couldn’t stand to think of her depending on only a couple of friends or heaven forbid, a stranger.

Janet: We all miss your Aunt Violet. She was such a generous person and a sensitive and perceptive writer. I believe Vi mentioned you also had writing ambitions. What kind of writing do you do?

Talia: My degree is actually in special education, but I minored in creative writing. I’ve dreamed of becoming a novelist for several years now, so sometimes I play around with story ideas. I do have a proposal written up for a novel I’m working on, but it’s coming along very slowly since I’m so busy. Between taking over my aunt’s advice column, which is supposed to be a secret, by the way, and caring for my niece, who has time for writing fiction?

Janet: You must stay busy between your writing and taking care of your niece, Bianca. Raising children can be so challenging. Did her parents pass away?

Talia: No, Bianca’s father is a no-good, you-know-what. It makes me furious to think how he left Ashley and hasn’t been any support since. And Ashley’s high-powered job takes her many places. Honestly, I think it was hard for both of them to accept that Bianca has challenges with her Down Syndrome, but I think she is perfect the way she is.

Janet: When I was in the hardware store, I was introduced to a veteran who is staying with you and helping with odd jobs. How did that come about? Was he a friend of Violet’s?

Talia: Ben Tanner, yes, well, it was quite unexpected… Apparently, at one time, Aunt Vi opened Sampson Mansion to veterans readjusting to civilian life. We have an apartment over the garage for that purpose. I really didn’t feel prepared to have a stranger around. Worrying about Bianca is enough as it is. But he had proof that Violet was part of the Welcome Homes program, and Janine, the housekeeper, kind of guilted me into letting him stay. He offered to help out at least.

Janet: He’s quite attractive and she mentioned he’s single. Are you hoping he’ll stay in town?

Talia: Goodness, my face feels flushed. Hold on, let me open the window here in my office… Okay, I’m back. Much better. Yes, that he is—attractive I mean—but don’t tell him I said that just right now. I’m not sure if I’m ready to start dating again. I must say he has the most piercing hazel eyes and gorgeous black hair. The rest of him doesn’t look so bad either. He is quite dependable, kind, makes me laugh, and Bianca is quite taken with him, so I would really like for him to settle in Maple Grove—I mean—his skill set would be a great addition to our town.

Janet: It’s been a pleasure meeting you, Talia. I hope we can have tea some time.

Talia: Tea sounds lovely. Let me know when you’d like to stop by. I still have some of Aunt Vi’s beautiful china to serve it on. Thanks for inviting me to chat with you, Janet.

Kathy’s Bio:

Kathleen Rouser is the award-winning author of Rumors and Promises, and a multi-published author of historical Christian romance. She is a longtime member in good standing of American Christian Fiction Writers.

Kathleen has loved making up stories since she was a little girl and wanted to be a writer before she could even read. She’s in the grip of God’s grace and is a fan of the three Cs—cats, coffee, and chocolate. The mother of three, who is a former homeschool instructor, mild-mannered dental assistant, and current Community Bible Study kids’ teacher, lives in Michigan with her hero and husband of thirty-some years, and two sweet cats who found a home in their empty nest.


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Within Golden Bands the sequel to Land of My Dreams

It’s a pleasure to welcome you back Norma Gail, upon the release Within Golden Bands. Please tell us something about yourself, Norma. 

Thank you for hosting me, Janet! I’m excited to share my books with your readers.

I’m a former RN and homeschool/soccer mom who has made up stories since I was a child. My debut novel, Land of My Dreams, released in 2014. It took longer than I hoped for the sequel to come about for a lot of reasons but I’m excited to finally have a release date of May 19th. I also write weekly devotionals on my own website at, and am a monthly contributor to the inspirational website, Inspire a Fire.

My husband and I live on the side of a mountain, at 7200 feet in elevation, outside Albuquerque, New Mexico. It’s a peaceful place to enjoy the beauty of nature and a perfect setting for writing. We love taking long walks in our quiet neighborhood and enjoying the view from our patio, which stretches about 100 miles and allows us views of three different mountain ranges. Readers of Land of My Dreams will recognize the description of the view from Bonny’s New Mexico house.

My husband was already partially retired and working from home when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. That ended his part-time job, so he graciously stays busy while I write and work on book promotion. We enjoy heading out in our RV with my younger sister and her husband to Northern New Mexico. We took three big trips last year but this year’s travel plans are on hold until we see what direction the world is heading.

I remember that the inspiration for Land of my Dreams came when you and your husband visited Scotland for your thirtieth wedding anniversary. 

Yes, our anniversary trip was the inspiration for my first book. The second we stepped off the plane in Scotland, I felt as if I had come home. I kept dreaming about a man wearing a kilt and playing bagpipes on a misty hillside surrounded by sheep. When I broke my foot and ended up in a wheelchair for 8 weeks, Bonny and Kieran’s story was born.

Please tell us about your new release Within Golden Bands.

Here is the back cover copy for Within Golden Bands:

Newly married Bonny MacDonell finds the transition from American college professor to Scottish sheep farmer’s wife more difficult than she expected. When her miracle pregnancy ends in a devastating miscarriage, she fears her husband’s reaction will hurt more than the loss of their child.

But Kieran never shows up at the hospital. When found, he is beaten and unconscious. The only memory of his attacker is the words, “Get off my land.” Reeling from the threat to her husband and the loss of their child, Bonny struggles to hold her marriage together. Are faith and love enough to hold their fledgling marriage together?

Within Golden Bands is a deeply personal story and one that will touch many readers in a meaningful way. Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp? 

My husband and I have two grown children, both of whom are adopted. The topic of adoption plays a huge role in the plot of Within Golden Bands. The years of infertility doctors, and surgeries with no answers, left an indelible mark on us. This is a huge struggle for couples, no matter how long they have been married. We learned a lot about the faithfulness of God and the importance of being content as a couple and supportive of one another through that period of our lives. The couples we met chose many different ways of facing the decision of whether to pursue fertility treatments, adoption or remain childless. In our case, even though we discussed adoption before we married, my husband was ready first. The desire to be a mother is a difficult thing for any woman to surrender to God.

Our journey to parenthood took four years. We were married for eight years when we adopted our son. Our daughter came along 21 ½ months later. They have brought so much joy. It’s impossible to imagine life without them.

My favorite quote from the book is: “If we fail to accept what God sends with trusting hearts, we refuse His greatest blessings.”

God often teaches us something through our writing. What did you learn about life, faith, or yourself in the process of writing this story?

As I said earlier, Within Golden Bands was a long time coming. Both our extended and immediate families went through some ups and downs that required attention. God has a perfect time for each book. I received two rejections and went through many rewrites before I heard the story God intended me to write. Part of the problem was listening to what other people thought. You have to write the story God places in your heart for the pieces to come together.

The topic of abortion has come to the forefront in the political arena again, so a story about people who choose life fits our times very well. Most people need to be more educated about adoption. I also discovered that feelings I thought I had dealt with over 35 years ago were still buried deep inside. Though Bonny and Kieran’s story is not ours, her character voices many of the emotions I experienced back then.

Also, like the characters in the book, we went through a major threat to our livelihood at the time began our second adoption. Things were pretty scary for a while and caused us to lean on the Lord because we were faced with a situation that left us powerless.

Where can readers find Land of my Dreams?

Both books are available on Amazon

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Within Golden Bands –

What are your social media sights?

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Thank you so much, for being my guest, Norma.

It was my pleasure! Thank you for being there as a friend when my book was rejected and for sharing my love of all things Scottish!


Cover Reveal For Book 3 in my Revolutionary War Series

I’m excited to reveal the cover for Setting Two Hearts Free, to be released in October of 2020.


Would their love survive the invisible wounds of war?

Here is the blurb:

Donald Duncan joined the Patriot cause for noble reasons, battling the British while enduring deprivation and hardship on every side. The war has changed him, and now the battle is internal. Returning home to Virginia is in sight where a new life and his Mary wait for him.

Mary Stewart spends the war years with her family at Stewarts’ Green, helping them operate their ordinary. Daily, she prays for Donald’s safe return, eagerly waiting for him … until that day the evil side of war touches her.

Two hearts changed by a war that dragged on for six years. Two hearts left hurting and struggling to find the love and trust they once knew. Is there a path for them to rekindle what was lost, Setting Two Hearts Free?

Meet Jodie Wolfe, Author of TAMING JULIA

Taming Julia is Jodie Wolfe’s latest release.

Please tell us something about yourself, Jodie. Where were you raised and now live?

Hi Janet, thank you for having me here today. I was raised in Hershey, PA and now live about an hour away from there. Although when my husband was in the military we lived in Georgia, Ohio, and Germany.

What sparked your interest in writing?

My interest in writing was sparked as a second-grader when we were given an assignment to write a poem. Soon after, I wrote my first story about our pet dog, Ginger, attending Jimmy Carter’s inaugural ball. I was hooked and knew I wanted to be a writer when I grew up.

Are you a plotter or a pantster?

I would call myself a plottster. J While I do some plotting of each of my

stories, there’s always times when the characters take over, and I’m flying by the seat of my pants to keep up with them.

You’ve written several books, some published by traditional publishers, some independently. Please tell us about your writing journey.

Jodie’s workspace

My first book, Hearts Tightly Knit started because several of the contributors from the Stitches Thru Time blog decided to write an indie collection together. I had such positive feedback, that I wrote the sequel, Love in the Seams. Soon after I was contracted to write a novelette as part of a collection with Celebrate Lit Publishing, Let Love Spring. Next, I received a contract for my first full-length novel from Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, To Claim Her Heart. In the midst of the editing process, I was contracted again (Celebrate Lit Publishing) for a sequel to my novelette. That story is part of The Hope of Christmas collection. When my full-length story finally released, I had many people ask me about the etiquette quotes at the beginning of each chapter. I put together 100 of these sayings in Mrs. Wigglesworth’s Essential Guide to Proper Etiquette and Manners of Refined Society. Then recently I was contracted for my second full-length novel, Taming Julia with White Rose Publishing. For each story, I pray that it will find the home where God wants it to be, whether it’s with a publisher, or something indie produced.

What do you find most challenging about being a writer? (research, plotting or organizing a story, marketing, or something else)

For me, the hardest part is the editing and marketing process. I love the research, plotting, and writing a story, coming up with characters and developing their story world.

Please tell us a little more about Taming Julia.

Here’s what the back cover says:

In 1875, Kansas bachelor Drew Montgomery’s sole desire is to serve God, but his congregation’s ultimatum that he marry or leave forces him to advertise for a wife by proxy.

Jules Walker strides into Drew’s life wearing breeches and toting a gun and saddle–more cowboy than a bride. After years on the trail, she’s not exactly wife material, but she longs for home and family and will do anything to ensure Drew never discovers what she really is.

God often teaches us something through our writing. What did you learn about life, faith, or yourself in the process of writing Taming Julia?

I actually wrote this book almost eight years ago. Through the process of getting it accepted and into print, I’ve learned to trust God with His timing. Even when it seems like an answer is long in coming, we can trust and know that He hears us and is working.

Is there a message in the story you want readers to grasp? 

At the start of my novel, Jules Montgomery has no idea what it means to follow the Lord. Throughout the book, she learns more about God and who He is. She finds that each step of her life, the Lord has been calling her, wooing her to Him.

Through a series of events, she learns that she can trust God even in the midst of a dangerous situation. She can trust that He’s working in her life even when the outcome doesn’t have any hope of changing. In the same way, we can trust God to be working in our life. It’s important to have our heart seeking after Him. We can take comfort in Psalm 61:1-2 (KJV) “Hear my cry, O God; attend unto my prayer. From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I.”

Thank you so much, Jodie for being my guest. I know folks will enjoy your books.

It’s been my pleasure to be here! Thank you for inviting me.

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