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Meet Donna Schlachter

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I met Donna through her blog, http://www.historythrutheages.com/ where she “explores history through the ages, from the beginning, through the middle, and to the conclusion, in the form of historical suspense and historical romance, written with a Christian worldview.”

Please tell us something about yourself, Donna. Where were you raised and now live?

Donna~ I was born in Newfoundland, the large island in eastern Canada, but my parents moved us to Toronto, Ontario when I was nine months old. I traveled the 600 miles from the east side of the island to the west, where the ferry to the “mainland” sailed from, in a “plastic” car bed laid on the floor behind my mother’s seat. My father, a communications and electrical engineer, moved us several times before we finally returned to St. John’s, my “hometown” when I was eight.

I now live in Denver, Colorado, and just celebrated 20 years of marriage to my husband, Patrick, who I met online and moved to Denver, sight unseen, to marry. Kinda like a mail-order bride.

What sparked your interest in writing?

Donna~ I was an avid reader as a child, always getting lost in books. I remember one time I was so engrossed in a book I was reading (I was 7) on the school bus that I didn’t realize I’d missed my stop and ended up at the depot out in the middle of nowhere. I had to call my mother, who called my father (one-car family), who had to leave work early and get me. Thankfully, no harm came to me, and I didn’t do that again.

In 2002, I saw an ad for National Novel Writing Month and wondered if I had just one book in me. I started writing, and haven’t stopped.

Do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just see where an idea takes you?

Donna~ Since writing that first draft in 2002 with no outline, I have always outlined since. Sometimes it’s as simple as a 1-page synopsis. Sometimes it’s 20 pages of detail.

What do you find most challenging about being a writer? (research, plotting or organizing a story, marketing, or something else)

Donna~ Marketing is definitely the most challenging. Just when I think I’ve found something that works, it changes.

You have a contemporary mystery releasing this month under Leeann Betts your pen name for contemporary stories. Please tell us about it. 

Donna/ Leeann Betts ~ Missing Deposits

Carly looks forward to a vacation when Mike is hired to assist a rancher family in western Colorado catalog their various mineral rights following the discovery of a large copper field on their property. However, Carly soon learns that the real wealth—and the real danger—aren’t below ground. Someone is out to keep a secret bigger and more profitable than copper.

And they’re willing to kill for it.”


Come back next week and we will learn a bit more about Donna and her January 2020 release.

Donna, thank you so much for being my guest. Where can readers find your books?

Double Jeopardy is available at https://shoplpc.com/double-jeopardy/ as well as at Amazon.com

Missing Deposits and other books are available at Amazon.com and Smashwords.com

What are your social media sites?


www.HiStoryThruTheAges.com  Receive a free ebook when you sign up for our free newsletter!

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/DonnaschlachterAuthor

Twitter: www.Twitter.com/DonnaSchlachter

Books: Amazon: http://amzn.to/2ci5Xqq and Smashwords: http://bit.ly/2gZATjm

What Can Be Online University: https://what-can-be-online-institute.teachable.com/

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