Say Grace: A Scriptural Field Guide To Weight Loss Compiled By Clarice G. James

I was privileged to endorse this book—one a person doesn’t just read once. While it is a field guide to weight loss it is so much more. The book covers a wide range of topics that mankind has been dealing with throughout time. Many of us have read books that address the Bible’s promises on a variety of subjects, this Scriptural Field Guide includes Scripture verses addressing almost 230 different alphabetical topics using 6 different versions and translations of the Bible.  At the end of each topic, the author provides some delicious tidbits and morsels of her own that never detract from what the Bible says.

It also has several Appendices addressing What God Says About You, Weight Loss Questions, and Evangelism.

I wanted to know something about the genesis of this treasure trove.

  1. You have published five entertaining fiction titles. What motivated you to tackle this non-fiction A Scriptural Field Guide To Weight Loss?

In 1999, I self-published a series of seven topical Scripture booklets, which included You and Your Maker, Salvation, Hope & Healing, Emotions, Family, Workplace, and Grief. I loved studying God’s Word and got so excited every time I dug out an applicable nugget of truth. My goal was to compile a booklet on weight loss—and had been “collecting” verses for years—but I got distracted writing fiction. Or perhaps I wasn’t ready.

Twenty years later, as I considered working on the weight loss compilation, John 21 came up in my daily reading—again. Holy Spirit impressed upon me to “cast my net on the right side”—which to me meant turning from fiction (for a season) to nonfiction.

“Just as day was breaking, Jesus stood on the shore; yet the disciples did not know that it was Jesus. Jesus said to them, “Children, do you have any fish?” They answered him, “No.” He said to them, “Cast the net on the right side of the boat, and you will find some.”  

  1. The research you’ve done is extensive, obviously keeping you delving into the Scriptures for a lot of time. It’s been my experience that this kind of endeavor invites spiritual attack. Did you find this to be the case?

The evil one knows our weak spots. Mine was self-doubt and feeling inadequate and unqualified. He tried unsuccessfully to make me feel guilty for taking time away from wifely obligations, too, but his efforts backfired because my husband was my most enthusiastic supporter.

  1. I know you’ve had a very challenging year, can you share what you’ve been dealing with while compiling this book?

Yes, the challenge has been real. My husband, David, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in 2016. As his main caregiver, my priority was him. David and I often went over the Scripture verses together. Even on his worst days, he gave me his input and encouragement. The Lord knew when he would take David home and He knew I would need to be strong. Being steeped in God’s Word strengthened me. David died on August 18, 2021.

  1. I suspect there have also been some unexpected blessings as a result of writing this field guide. Please share those with us.

While studying the Word, my faith grew, and peace reigned even on the worst days. My former struggle to lose weight no longer became a struggle. As a result of focusing on God and His Word,  I released all my extra weight and have kept it off—even while experiencing grief.

  1. So what is next for you? Are you going to tackle another novel or non-fiction work?

I have begun my second book in the series: Say Grace: A Scriptural Field Guide to Grieving the Death of a Spouse. I may also resume writing my novel Out of Hunger, where my characters overcome their struggle with turning to food instead of or before God.

Let us know how to find out more about you and your books.

Your local Christian bookstore would happily order you a copy. Put in a request at your local library. You can also order them on Amazon. If you’re local to southern NH, you can purchase an autographed copy.

Say Grace: A Scripural Field Guide to Weight Loss (Elk Lake Publishing, Inc. 2022)

The Least of These (Elk Lake Publishing, Inc. 2021)

The Girl He Knew  (Elk Lake Publishing, Inc. 2019)

Manhattan Grace (Elk Lake Publishing, Inc. 2018)

Doubleheader (Elk Lake Publishing, Inc. 2nd Ed. 2019)

Party of One (Elk Lake Publishing, Inc. 2017)

If you’d like to get a feel for my contemporary women’s fiction, shoot me an email at, and I’ll send you the first chapter of one of my novels.

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An Interview with Clarice James, author of Manhattan Grace


Clarice James

and voila!

Your theatrical knowledge is impressive. Do you have a background in theater?

No, I don’t have a background in theater, but I called on a few friends who do to supplement my extensive research.  

Manhattan Grace also enlightened me on aspects of Judaism I’d never known before. Do you have a background or experience that drew you to incorporate these practices into the story?

A few years back a missionary friend serving in the hills of Israel mentioned that the mohel (circumciser) serving their poor region only had one eye. That little tidbit fueled my imagination. Since my pastor identifies closely with the Jewish roots of Christianity, we’ve often had Messianic speakers at our church. Mix in a little research and sing a few songs from Fiddler on the Roof and you get Seymour! 

Your sense of humor always comes through. I can’t even develop questions about your books without laughing. Your contemporary stories incorporate quirky characters, interesting events, inspiration, a bit of romance, and some mystery. What aspect (humor, inspiration, romance, mystery) is your favorite to write?

Since I’m not a mushy or serious person in real life, I’m more comfortable writing quirky characters in funny situations—sometimes based on my real-life experiences. I enjoy writing authentic dialogue, too.

In your experience as a writer, you’ve shared in the past the importance of having a critique group. Do they write in the same genre as your stories? Since your husband is also an author, I’m curious, is he your first “editor” and if so, how does it work for you?

I had previously facilitated a large writers’ group. Eventually, six of us spun off into a group all working on novels. I am the only one who writes women’s contemporary fiction. The others write speculative fiction or fantasy. Ironically, I got my husband involved to help me critique their excerpts. He’s an integral part of our group now. Yes, we do submit our excerpts to each other first.

So, tell us, what you are working on now and when might it be available?

I’ve completed my fourth women’s contemporary novel. The working title is Reconciliation for Charlie. The storyline is much more serious than my previous books, but I may have to go back and add some humor. If all goes well, it will be out in 2019.

I’ve just begun my fifth, the working title is The Least of These. I have a vague idea where the story is going, but I expect it will take a few sharp turns before I’m finished.

How can readers find your books?

Readers can ask for my books at their local bookstores or find them online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

FEATURED BOOK: Manhattan Grace

AUTHOR: Clarice G. James

PUBLISHER: Elk Lake Publishing, Inc.

GENRE: Women’s Contemporary Fiction

MANHATTAN GRACE BOOK COVER BLURB:  When a door opens for Gracie Camden to leave Cape Cod and move to Manhattan as a nanny for a Juilliard drama instructor, she fully expects God to use her acting talent and launch her to stardom. She’s been there been six months. What’s taking him so long?


Manhattan Grace:

Party of One:

Double Header:


What are your social media sites?

Clarice G. James Website:





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AUTHOR BIO: Clarice G. James writes smart, fun, relatable contemporary women’s fiction from a Christian perspective. Manhattan Grace (Elk Lake Publishing, Inc., 2018) is her most recent novel. Her previous novels include Party of One (Elk Lake Publishing, Inc., 2017) and Double Header (Mountainview Books, 2015). Clarice grew up on Cape Cod, but she and her husband David now live in southern New Hampshire. Together, they have five married children and ten grandchildren. When Clarice isn’t writing, she’s reading, encouraging fellow writers, participating in ladies Bible studies, or involved in a home decorating project.


Please tell us something about yourself, Clarice.

Clarice G. James
             Clarice G. James

The second oldest of six children, I grew up on Cape Cod before it got crowded. My dedication in Double Header is true. “I credit my father for showing me the power of dreams and my mother for teaching me the value of working for them.”  After 23 years of marriage, I was widowed. Eight years later, I was blessed to remarry David James. We live in Southern New Hampshire, where we are connected to a wonderful church family. Together, we have five married children and ten grandchildren—so you know what our vacations are like. 

What sparked your interest in writing?  

Decades ago, I had a great high school English teacher who used drama to make reading and writing fun. Since I wasn’t athletic, writing seemed less dangerous. And with no musical talent, I thought writing would be less annoying to my family.

What can you share about your journey to getting published?

It was just about as frustrating as it is for most writers. Patience has never been one of my heartier character traits, but I learned a lot during the wait—mainly how to improve my writing. My first novel, Party of One, was chosen a semi-finalist, then a finalist in the Christian Writer’s Guild Operation First Novel. When it was time to enter again, I entered my second book, Double Header instead. I won a book contract with that entry. I just finished my third book, Manhattan Grace, and I think it’s better than the first two. I hope I feel that way about the next one.

What words of advice would you give to beginning writers?

Get thee to a critique group! Then listen and don’t talk as they critique your excerpts. If you have to explain why you’ve written something, it needs to be rewritten. I learned so much from the experiences and perceptions of my fellow writers.  Sometimes the best advice I got was from avid readers, not writers.  

While your book, Double Header, is what I would call a character-driven novel, it is also a sports Double Header Coverstory. I was impressed with your knowledge of baseball. Are you a big sports fan or did you need to do extensive research to pull it off so well?  

Growing up, my siblings and I were not into sports at all. But, later, my husband and children were. Living with crazy Boston fans, you learn a lot through osmosis. Of course, I did my research too.

Was there a reason you decided to write Double Header in the first person, which is not as common as third person stories or omniscient?  

Is “I didn’t know any better” an acceptable answer?  To be honest, Party of One, my first novel, started out as a memoir—written in the first person. When I had trouble naming names and telling truths that might hurt people, my husband suggested I switch from non-fiction to fiction. I kept the first person POV without thinking about it and continued using it in Double Header.  My third novel is third person POV. 

Please tell us a little more about the story. Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp? 

You may think you’re in control, but you’re not. God is in control. My protagonist, Casey, has mapped out every area of her life. The only thing she couldn’t control was her father’s cancer.  After he dies, she idolizes him even more. When she finds out she has a half brother, a fact unknown to her father, she must let go of the past and find freedom in forgiveness. The still, quiet voice of God shows her how.

God often teaches us something through our writing. What did you learn about life, faith, or yourself in the process of writing Double Header

Casey’s letting go was a big lesson for me. It has freed me to enjoy writing for God’s glory not my own. There’s so much less pressure knowing I am not in control of the outcome!

Do you have another book we can anticipate seeing soon? 

I’ve got a few beta readers reviewing my third novel, Manhattan Grace. Set in New York City, a nanny and aspiring actress is mentored in her faith by a fatherly rabbi while she helps him pursue an unlikely romantic relationship with a famous, Moldovan opera soprano. When these two innocents find themselves embroiled in a jewel heist at the Metropolitan Opera House, they help solve more than one mystery.   

Where can readers find your books?

Since Mountainview Books LLC is a traditional publisher with a distribution source, you can request Double Header at your local bookstore.  If you’re in a hurry, there’s always online ordering at Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

What are your social media sights?

Website & Blog          Facebook              Twitter                  LinkedIn

Come by to meet Clarice and help celebrate the release of DOUBLE HEADER if you are near Nashua, NH                Sunday, April 10, 2016 from 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM (EDT)


Clarice G. James loves to read and write smart, fun, relatable contemporary women’s fiction. After many years of writing and editing for business and ministry, she now enjoys the freedom that writing fiction allows her. Clarice has been a follower of Jesus Christ for over 35 years. She and her husband David live in Southern New Hampshire. Together they have five married children and ten grandchildren. Double Header is her first published novel. It was one of three winners in the 2014 Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild Operation First Novel contest.