Why I Wrote a Revolutionary War Series

I’m intrigued by the motivations, means, and results of people who emigrated to the American colonies. Many came to escape circumstances in their homeland, others sought adventure or the potential of a better life.

The ingenuity, courage, and inspiration of our founders in declaring independence and establishing our constitutional republic fascinate me.

A series allows for a more in-depth character examination and circumstances over an extended period.

While historical events are set at a specific point in time, there are often details about them that readers have little knowledge of and find interesting.

Fictional characters in historical novels often experience many of the same issues mankind has struggled with throughout time. While characters’ attitudes and how they navigate life decisions are often a view into the era and culture in which they live, people of any generation can relate to them.

A Heart Set Free

Desperate to escape further deception, disillusionment, and disgrace Heather Douglas flees Scotland in 1770 as an indentured servant. Her life detours when a widowed Virginia planter purchases the indenture and marries her. Through her journey of self-examination and maturing faith, Heather is finally free to experience the life she desires.

It is in the Virginia countryside that she begins her greatest journey, one of self-discovery and faith. She discovers that her emotional and spiritual scars bind her far more than her indenture. Will the liberty she seeks finally provide her with the freedom she longs for?


A Heart For Freedom

By the spring of 1775, antagonism between the colonists and the British has escalated to confrontation. Strife between factions loyal to the crown and those demanding independence is pitting friends, neighbors, and families against each other. Like many others, Heather and Matthew Stewart’s world has turned upside down, and for children, growing up always has its challenges, but war can accelerate and define it.

When Matthew disappears, unexplainable and odd events create doubts and suspicion, and loyalties are questioned. His absence tests the Stewart family in ways they could have never imagined. The characters face heartaches and grief, joys and hope, dangers and intrigue, love and faith.


Setting Two Hearts Free

Donald Duncan joined the Patriot cause for noble reasons. The war has changed him, and now the battle is internal.

Mary Stewart spends the war years with her family at Stewarts’ Green, helping them operate their ordinary, waiting for Donald’s safe return, … until that day the evil side of war touches her.

Two hearts were altered by a war that dragged on for six years. Two hearts left hurting and struggling to find the love and trust they once knew. Is there a path for them to rekindle what was lost and finally find peace? https://www.amazon.com/Setting-Hearts…/dp/B085DRXFZY/ref